Container Transport Services

Sidelink Transport has a range of trailers within our fleet to ensure the safe, reliable, and efficient transport of your shipping containers.


Sidelink Transport proudly maintains one of the largest fleets of Steelbro and Hammar sideloaders in Melbourne – our fleet is not only large but modern, with the average of the fleet being under six years.
Our sideloader operators are highly trained and skilled in all aspects of the operation of the sideloader to ensure that your freight is not only always handled with the utmost care but also in a timely manner.

Ultra Lightweight Sideloaders

Conventional sideloaders are not capable of transporting heavy containers which often results in a ‘chaser’ truck being used, which increases the cost of delivery. Due to this restraint, the cubic capacity of containers destined for transport by sideloader is not effectively used.
Sidelink Transport in collaboration with our trusted trailer partners pioneered the first lightweight sideloaders to be used in Australia – these unique sideloaders allow for the transportation of heavy containers without the need for a ‘chaser’ truck. The added benefit of Sidelink’s lightweight sideloaders is that they can travel on the standard heavy vehicle road networks.

Standard Skels

Sidelink Transport have a fleet of skeletal trailers for the transport of 20ft and 40ft containers – our skel deliveries include:

  • Live Load,
  • Wait Unpack,
  • Drop Trailer
  • Lift On Lift Off (where the delivery premises has container handling equipment)

Our fleet of trailers include retractable trailers, providing the versatility to deliver heavy 20ft containers to our customers docking facilities, be it a warehouse or distribution centre. With our standard skels we can also offer the transport of ISO tanks / tanktainers to be either decanted or filled at your premises.

Multi Combination Skels

Sidelink Transport has a fleet of multicombination skeletal trailers encompassing:

  • B-Doubles,
  • A-Doubles, and
  • Quad-quad B-Doubles (more commonly known as Super B-Doubles).

Our multi combinations allow for the efficient transfer of containers from the wharf to our depot and vice versa. Additionally, we deploy our multi combinations to customer premises where they have a high throughput of containers and have the container handling equipment on site.