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Boasting a massive fleet of Sideloaders, Sidelink Transport pride itself in being the number one service provider in Melbourne when it comes to Sideloader movements.

Our large fleet of Sideloaders allow us to meet our client’s delivery window as well as minimize the empty collection times


We understand that in an ever-evolving industry, clients need to optimise efficiency by packing as much freight as possible into each container. This often poses problems for wharf carriers to transport due to road weight limits, especially those being delivered via Sideloaders.

Sidelink Transport were the pioneers of the first lightweight Sideloaders to hit Australian shores. These unique units allow the transportation of more gross weight than any of our competitors, whilst still complying with Victorian road laws.


We have a variety of standard trailers ranging from 20ft trailers for those tricky delivery points which cannot accept a conventional 40ft trailer, to retractable skels which can distribute the weight of a 20ft unit to comply with road regulations.

We can also assist in drop trailer services across Melbourne metro area.


Anyone who deals in wharf cartage knows that obtaining wharf time slots can be a difficult task at the best of times. Sidelink Transport offer around the clock wharf collections to give our clients the time and flexibility they need. This is all a part of our service and comes at no extra cost to the client.

VGM – Verified Gross Mass

When VGM was introduced to the shipping industry in June 2016, Sidelink were quick to react being one of the first in Australia to offer an in house VGM service to our clients.

With some innovative thinking and hard work of suppliers, we came up with a system which allows us to obtain VGM through our container handler. Once VGM is obtained, a weight certificate is forwarded to client for PRA purposes.

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